Singapore Scholar Enterprise CEO Golf Team

Based on scholarly spirit of learning, love and contribution, Spring Golf International officially sets up the Singapore Scholar Enterprise CEO Golf Team. The team members include Dalian Maritime University’s Singapore alumni association chairman Zhang Lanshui, Shanghai Maritime University’s Singapore alumni association chairman Yan Xiankai, Shaanxi Association and Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce chairman Zhao Bingli, JinShang Business Club chairman Ming Hailong, South China University of Technology’s Singapore alumni association chairman Yang Zhaolin and other senior management from other big enterprises.

Event Summary

Friendly Match
Besides inviting golf teams of entrepreneurs from various countries to join the PK Friendly match in Singapore, we will also form teams to play golf in the top 50-100 golf courses in various countries and have PK friendly matches with entrepreneur teams from other countries.
Experience global golf courses
Experience old golf courses, big tournament golf courses of various countries around the world and China’s top 100 elite golf courses, and organize monthly golf at various Singapore’s AA golf courses.
Economic and management forum
Economic and management forum for Directors of enterprises, invitation of special guests to join, share management experience and analysis of future trends together to grasp the economic pulse and catch hold of opportunities.

Please submit photocopy of documents listed below to our email:

Introduction of company, name card, photocopy of IC. The applicant will received the details of our golf team after selection process.