[Top promotion] Changbai Mountain Golf Club

Changbai Mountain is the highest mountain in the north-eastern of China, 2691 meters high. This mountain is located in the east of China, which has a breathtaking view of the mountains and is the most famous mountain in China, even all over the world. Let's swing in the 22℃ golf course!


  • East Asia Golfing Paradise!
  • Top ten in China Golf park, China’s leading Golf course!
  • One of the World's Most Beautiful golf course!

Exclusive review:  White Birch 18 holes Forest Golf Course is well-designed by Jack Niklaus. With its course heavily filled with land of bunker is the typical style of a master-level design and signature, featuring on its visualization angle of the green area; lining up with its birch tall, straight and pretty patchwork along both fairway, greatly increased the challenge if golf ball hits into those numerous birch trees. Apparently, it looks pretty simple but it is truly challenging to hit a good score. Yet, strolling in forest boulevard, it couldn’t be better; that would be pretty relaxing and calming.

Pine Valley 36 holes Forest Golf Course is well-designed by Robert Jones Jr. Apart from its narrow fairway as the typical style of a master-level design, miniature green designed, numerous water hazard, uniqueness of scenery, and yet the said course is named on its red pine trees, hence being labeled as Pine Valley Golf Course.

Pine Valley East is a typical forest golf course, pavement of fairway in use of nature grass alike with green course. With its spongy typed of fairway always cause a whirl in hitting the ball. Playing in such a challenging golf course indeed a great enjoyment. Considering on fairway’s pruning and maintenance indeed on the finest practice, look alike in covering on a large piece of green carpet. It looks likely have a sense of North America typed of private club feel. Pine Valley West is a typical canyon golf course, a big variable impact in terrain, mountain-typed of fairway, meanwhile golfer demands on an accurate hit. While getting on a tee time in such beautiful scenery, it is worth to capture some precious moment as a timeless treasures of memory. Indeed, that’s how admirable and treasurable on the said golf tour.

In brief, Changbai Mountain is a centre of historic interest in Asia, which is one of the iconic places for golf enthusiast. 

 Mission Hills Resort Haikou

Mission Hills is China's highest rated golf and leisure resort, and the world's largest golf club according to the Guinness World Records. Winner of multiple international awards, the 20-square kilometre golf complex features twelve 18-hole resort and championship courses designed by golf's greatest legends and architects.

Mission Hills is the cradle of golf in China and hosts the region's most important tournaments, including the World Cup of Golf and the Asian Amateur Championship.