Dubai Creek Golf Club

Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, is dominating Dubai’s enchanting waterfront and yacht club, is located near the airport, and overlooks the creek and marina. Park Hyatt Hotel – an unwind in five-star luxury hotel, is one of Dubai’s most elegant and charming property features Moorish and Mediterranean designed.

Exclusive review:Such golf course is well-groomed fairways lined with date palms and coconut trees, attractive water hazards and shrubbery lends a tropical air to shape the beautiful tropical scenery of the club. The said club has also hosted numerous elite tournaments and events, including the Dubai Desert Classic. Under the tropical desert climate of 40 degree celcius, it is said to be extremely hot, dry and humid but it is pretty fabulous to experience the Northern desert belt type of match play. Dubai, the city of wealth has kept one to witness the power of money. From the whole city to the golf course, it is all about money –concerned practice to maintain and sustain a luxury lifestyle. Due to the fact that, it’s tropical desert climate has made every palm tree costs a value and treasure, as well as each drop of water is more valuable than petroleum. This has become a wealthy symbolic to a household. In view of its ideal design, it raise up the delightful kind of golfing experience. It is said to cost RMB5k to grow a palm tree monthly, what about its budget for a golf course to maintain such planting?