Le•Robinie Golf Club (Milan•Italy)

Nicklaus amended and corrected many of the 18 holes to obtain the result planned in his ingenious project. A challenging field, not “punitive” where you can play at any level (five pitches are the starting point for each hole) and where anyone, from amateur to professional, can draw satisfaction: the variety of design of the trail urges players to practice any kind of coup.

Exclusive review:  The unmistakable imprint of the “Golden Bear”, our Golf Club.

When, in the early 90’s between Olgiate and Solbiate Olona, Jack Nicklaus found himself in front of a land of around seventy acres that meant to be the golf course “Le Robinie”, He did not have any doubts about what was done: dig, dig, dig . So bulldozers moved two million cubic meters of ground and gravel to create a masterpiece of depressions, amphitheatres, terraced bunkers and lakes leading the unmistakable imprint of the “Golden Bear “. One hundred golf courses in the world carry the same signature, but only one in Italy, this one! A masterpiece already considered among the best in Europe.